Intellectual Property

Adama Materials has developed a robust patent portfolio focused on the use of carbonaceous materials in fiber reinforced laminates. Below is a list of our published filings. We are currently pursuing joint development and licensing agreements. To learn more, please use the contact us page.

  • USRE45911E1 – Polymer Matrix composites with nano-scale reinforcements
  • US7875212B2 – Polymer Matrix composites with nano-scale reinforcements
  • US9120908B2 – Nanomaterial-Reinforced Resins and Related Materials
  • WO2014143758A2 – Oligomer-Grafted Nanoparticles and Advanced Composite Materials
  • US20150344666A1 -Laminates Comprising Oligomer-Grafted Nanofillers and Advanced Composite Materials
  • US8148276B2 – Three-dimensionally reinforced multifunctional nanocomposites
  • US20130216811A1 – Nanotape and nanocarpet materials
  • US20070298168A1 – Multifunctional carbon nanotube based brushes
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