Our Story

Small beginnings

In 2010, Mehrdad Nejhad, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, began developing a new toughening agent for composites. He discovered that astonishingly small amounts of the right nanomaterial could radically improve a resin’s toughness without sacrificing strength. This discovery launched Adama Materials.

Building on Professor Nejhad’s discovery, Professors Chris Macosko and Andreas Stein from the University of Minnesota developed scalable methods for additive synthesis and expanded our offering for a variety of resin systems.

Now, Adama has a family of toughening agents for epoxy resin, unsaturated polyester resins, and vinyl ester resins. Our additives improve resistance to impact, cyclic fatigue, and crack propagation. Adama’s additive achieves all this without losing strength or changing fluid properties.

Differentiate your offering with Adama

Looking forward, Adama is positioned to help your business reduce cost and improve performance. Adding Adama to your composite system can delivery lighter weight, longer lasting products. Alternatively, you can see cost reductions by switching to a lower cost resins that previously were too brittle.

We are working with business from a range of industries, including; aerospace, wind power, automobiles, construction, marine, and sporting equipment. In every case, Adama aims to partner with you to achieve your business goals.

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