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The Science Behind Adama Materials

We have developed an array of functionalized graphene oxide additives to enhance the mechanical properties of polymer resins. While nanocarbon material, like graphene or carbon nanotubes, have impressive properties, they prefer to aggregate and settle out of solution. Aggregation creates large imperfections and inhibit the individual sheets from enhancing material properties.

We use a proprietary process to functionalize carbonaceous nanomaterials so that material mixes into solution and resists aggregation. Our functionalization chemistry has enabled dispersion into a range of solvent and resin types. Reactive chemistry is also available to enable complete integration into a polymer matrix.

Fractural Energy Comparison Test

Just Add Adama

Adding Adama toughening agent can double your resin toughness. We offer toughening agents for epoxy, vinyl ester, and unsaturated polyester resins. Adding Adama toughening agent to your formulation can deliver anywhere between a 60% and 140% increase in your fracture energy (G1c) without losing composite strength or modulus.

Double Your Product Cycle Life

Adama toughening agent inhibits micro-crack propagation created during cyclical loading. Micro-cracks form in the resin during repeated loading observed in a number of applications like wind turbine blades, automobile parts, and sporting equipment. At low stress levels, our tests with unsaturated polyester laminates have shown to double the number of cycles before failure.

Adama Cycle to Failure Test

No Tradeoffs

Using other toughening agents results in dramatic increases in the resin viscosity or thermal properties. This can create problems in resin processing or part performance. Adama’s toughening agent is different because there is little to no change in your resin properties. Our test show no change in viscosity, glass transition temperature, gel time or peak exotherm. That means no impact on your process, tooling, or performance.

Adama Modified Aropol 8422 Test

The Adama Difference

Adama’s toughening agent are functionalized particles that act as energy-absorption points within the resin. Instead of adding large rubbery particles that lose strength, our semi-rigid particles increase crack deflection and pinning. Without our additive, you can see that there is nothing to resist crack propagation in neat resin systems. When our toughening agent is added to the resin, however, you can see the white streaks of our particles resisting crack initiation and propagation. This means that your resin and composite will resist brittle fracture.

Neat Resin Crack
Neat Resin Crack
Resin Crack With Adama Toughening Agent
Resin Crack With Adama Toughening Agent


Our concentrated master batch solutions can be easily mixed into any resin system using standard mixing equipment. No powders, sticky solutions, or special materials handling. Simple.

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We are actively engaged in a number of customer trials. Our product enables a host of new applications in unsaturated polyester, vinyl ester, and epoxy resins. Often our customers are looking to reduce cost or increase capacity through a new resin system that was previously too brittle to use. We know every product is unique so let us contact us today to learn how we can help with your product. We look forward to working with you.

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