Yuqiang Qian

Director of Research & Development

Yuqiang Qian has rich experience in polymer formulation and processing, composite filler modifications and thermosets toughening.

He has an extensive background in understanding structure-property relationship of various polymeric systems (urethane, epoxy, unsaturated polyester, etc.) and their analyses by spectroscopic, X-ray, thermal, rheological, tensile and fracture techniques. Beyond the lab, Yuqiang has extensive experience communicating with technical and marketing teams in the US and other regions to help develop products for global customers.

Yuqiang has a M.S. and Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, and a B.S. from Fudan University in Shanghai.

It is exciting to see the roadmap to next generation technologies and we are eager to be part of it.

Yuqiang Qian Headshot
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